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Diamond Foxxx Bio and Information

Diamond Foxxx is a vivacious MILF and cougar who was born January 5, 1973 at the naval center in Albany, GA. Her father was active duty in the Navy and her mother was a Marine. She became the eldest of three children.

Her family eventually settled in the state of Virginia where Diamond married for the first time and became a mother. For four years, she volunteered as an E.M.T and got a rush out of saving people, but fate had other plans for her.

Diamond later divorced and enlisted in the Navy. She spent her 21st birthday at boot camp and had dreams of following in her father's footsteps. However, the enlisted life placed far too many restrictions on her sexuality and she was later discharged for being too promiscuous. Her insatiable sex drive would eventually lead her into a life of pornography. She shot her first film in 2004.

The 5ft 4in 32G-24-36 porn star is now one of the most wanted MILFs in the industry and truly delights in the exhibitionism of the biz.